Board Upgrade

Hello all. Invision Power Services, now known as Invision Community, announced the End of Life (EOL) for IPS Community Suite 3.x series effective April 2017. Every time I login to the admin panel for the past few years I have seen one upgrade warning or another about IPS4, and now finally, i see two warnings instead of just the standard one.


New Version Available: 4.2.8 A new version of IP.Board is available now. Click here for more information.

QuoteIP.Board Bulletin

IMPORTANT: As of April 1, 2017, IP.Board 3.x (all versions) have been discontinued. No further support or security patches will be provided and you may be operating the software in an insecure state. We recommending updating to our latest IPS Community Suite (IPS4) release at your earliest convenience. Please contact us with any questions.

Years ago when IPS 4.x first came out some of the staff members and myself tested it offsite and we did not care for it, not its look nor its features. That decision has since come to haunt me. Yes this version is preferred, familiar, comfortable. However, we lost our upgrade window when we had support and free upgrades for the latest version at the time. However, it was new, and probably buggy, so it was probably the right decision, since our license would have still run out and we would have been stuck with a buggy version of the brand new IPS 4, not being able to afford the renewal. They have since refined it significantly from what I hear, and we will have six months of support, and the good news is we may even get our theme back (something which was another show stopper for us then, our theme was not supported). I am working with the theme folks now to see if they can upgrade it to the latest version. I will say this, the decision not to upgrade back then was not a unilateral one but a team decision made by the active members of the staff. And now the time has come to upgrade. For one, not just because of End of Life, but because the forums are starting to not function with the modern day browsers. Some areas (many parts of it still work), but a lot of parts bit by bit do not, such as lost password recovery, registration, (depending on the browser and version), and the ACP is very much having issues. This is because of the browser compatibility with the html code.

 We’ll be back online soon, perhaps even by the end of the week if we are lucky, warts and all, though perhaps it may be too soon to have our theme ready just yet, but the rest of us will be preparing for full readiness. So Say We All.

Join us on Discord!

We at the Era of the Imperial Republic RPG!! have long used IRC for many years as our primary chat method. I am not saying we are retiring it completely, but right now I have decided that we will be moving to Discord as our primary chat system. While yes, it does have voice chat there are also text channels so you have the option of joining the text only channel or the voice channel and keep yourself muted and type in the voice channel as there is text allowed there too. You probably already know how it works. It is much easier to use and much more efficient. Please download Discord either on your computer or on your mobile device (iPad, Android, or phone) and create an account. After you have done that, please follow this link (most likely you will have to do this from a computer for this part in order to get added to the channel initially)..

Imperial Republic Discord Server Invitation Link:  or

Also, please add me as a friend. If you don’t see me in there, you can type my name manually in the Add Friend box after joining the channel: My Discord handle is Stratus#0649 . This server is still a work in progress. If you encounter a problem, send me a direct message (DM) on Discord or a PM on the Nexus ( (forums) or email me (ryan at eotir dot com).

Royal Wedding, Farewell Celebration, IRIN Upgrade, IR Clock Change

We have arrived at the Royal Wedding of Prince Marc Stratus & Executor/Duchess Tavria Treyson on the planet Maires. All are invited. We ask that everyone whether they attend or not send wedding gifts to the happy couple. Please PM James Stratus on the forums with the wedding gifts. He will make one post with all the gifts. If you would like to make a post about your gift, you are most welcome to do so. The scenario is titled A Lawyer in the House and can be found in the Imperial Republic Territory > Coruscant > Palace Situation Room forum.or

Also, for a scenario that occurred before the wedding in the timeline but needs to be finished, please join us in saying farewell to Supreme Chancellor Joesefus Alastar Quick who is stepping down after 35 years of service to the Imperial Republic, and who will taking over as Grand Master of the Jedi Order (lightside). The scenario is titled Honoring Those Who Came Before Us and can be found in Imperial Republic Territory > Coruscant > Palace Situation Room or at

We have updated the IR Clock, we are now in 35 iRY. Also, please check out our newly improved and superb Imperial Republic Information Network (IRIN) at If you do not remember your password, please use the forgot my password feature. If you do not yet have access or need assistance please e-mail or PM staff member/Assistant Admin and Lead Developer, Keshaun or catch him or another admin in the chat room.

Even if you do not have time to role play right now please come up with a wedding gift your characters can give. Recommend gifts that are large and small, of variety, housewarming stuff, droids, plants, furniture, pets, jewels, properties, whatever your character would afford depending on their job.

Join us in IRC chat any time at or use your favorite irc client and connect to Hope to see you all around soon.

IRIN Improvements

Keshaun, our Operations Administrator and Lead Programmer has been hard at work making and implementing improvements to the Imperial Republic Information Network (IRIN). To see what is coming soon, go to (version 3). We are still officially using version 2 at this time at We expect v3 to launch sometime in October. If you have feedback, ideas, comments, or need assistance with logging into IRIN please submit a support ticket at or e-mail

New IRIN Logon Screen

New IRIN Logon Screen (In Development)

Please report any issues to our bug tracking system at or e-mail them to

Forum Software Updates

IPS4″ or IPS Community Suite 4.x has been out for a while but its formal production-value release has finally come to the public. As a permanent client I have had access to it for some time and have been evaluating it. It has improved and better admin and user functionality, though our desired theme/skin is not yet available and I really don’t care for their default skin. It would definitely be a step backward appearance-wise. So I have decided not to upgrade to IPS Community Suite 4 at this time.

We may eventually lose professional support when they announce End of Life for this product IPB 3.4.x that we are currently using.

We are entitled to operate a test/development version of IPS4 with our current license that we may not open to the public. You can access this at

The username to enter the web area is test, the password is staffonly. Feel free to register an account. (players welcome to test as well).

I am not impressed with the only ugly theme available and the admin restrictions are not good at all, whereas our current version of Invision Power Board allows me to restrict in fine detail what admins can and cannot do to prevent abuse of power. I really don’t like it. We have some time to upgrade as End of Life Support for our current version is 1 April 2017.

When they announce better admin restriction capabilities AND when our theme or something similar is available for this new version at I will consider upgrading.

Our current skins for the forums at come from Once the lady redesigns this or another skin we like for IPS4, then I will consider upgrading on a serious level. We may have to change skins as I have not heard from her yet as to whether she is carrying this skin on to the new version like she is with the other skins she has designed, as she focuses on her newer ones. She does great work, somewhat expensive, but the best I’ve seen.