Join us on Discord!

We at the Era of the Imperial Republic RPG!! have long used IRC for many years as our primary chat method. I am not saying we are retiring it completely, but right now I have decided that we will be moving to Discord as our primary chat system. While yes, it does have voice chat there are also text channels so you have the option of joining the text only channel or the voice channel and keep yourself muted and type in the voice channel as there is text allowed there too. You probably already know how it works. It is much easier to use and much more efficient. Please download Discord either on your computer or on your mobile device (iPad, Android, or phone) and create an account. After you have done that, please follow this link (most likely you will have to do this from a computer for this part in order to get added to the channel initially)..

Imperial Republic Discord Server Invitation Link:

Also, please add me as a friend. If you don’t see me in there, you can type my name manually in the Add Friend box after joining the channel: My Discord handle is Stratus#0649 . This server is still a work in progress. If you encounter a problem, send me a direct message (DM) on Discord or a PM on the Nexus ( (forums) or email me (ryan at eotir dot com).