Royal Wedding, Farewell Celebration, IRIN Upgrade, IR Clock Change

We have arrived at the Royal Wedding of Prince Marc Stratus & Executor/Duchess Tavria Treyson on the planet Maires. All are invited. We ask that everyone whether they attend or not send wedding gifts to the happy couple. Please PM James Stratus on the forums with the wedding gifts. He will make one post with all the gifts. If you would like to make a post about your gift, you are most welcome to do so. The scenario is titled A Lawyer in the House and can be found in the Imperial Republic Territory > Coruscant > Palace Situation Room forum.or

Also, for a scenario that occurred before the wedding in the timeline but needs to be finished, please join us in saying farewell to Supreme Chancellor Joesefus Alastar Quick who is stepping down after 35 years of service to the Imperial Republic, and who will taking over as Grand Master of the Jedi Order (lightside). The scenario is titled Honoring Those Who Came Before Us and can be found in Imperial Republic Territory > Coruscant > Palace Situation Room or at

We have updated the IR Clock, we are now in 35 iRY. Also, please check out our newly improved and superb Imperial Republic Information Network (IRIN) at If you do not remember your password, please use the forgot my password feature. If you do not yet have access or need assistance please e-mail or PM staff member/Assistant Admin and Lead Developer, Keshaun or catch him or another admin in the chat room.

Even if you do not have time to role play right now please come up with a wedding gift your characters can give. Recommend gifts that are large and small, of variety, housewarming stuff, droids, plants, furniture, pets, jewels, properties, whatever your character would afford depending on their job.

Join us in IRC chat any time at or use your favorite irc client and connect to Hope to see you all around soon.

Year of the IR

I am pleased to announce that we have integrated code into the forums to display the current year of the IR. This does not mean that players can’t write a scenario in the past, however. This will simply allow users to know where current scenarios are on the current timeline. We are currently in our 35th Year of the Imperial Republic Era (35 IRY).

We are asking that all players post in their biographies/character profiles what year their character was born. A profile field will be added to the forum for this as well.

Special thanks goes to our staff developer, Keshaun, for making this possible.