Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Today is the day for the ever-so-lucky individuals who are able to attend the first day of this Star Wars Celebration, which this time is being hosted in Anaheim, California. I most sincerely regret not being able to attend, especially with it being so very close to my state of Arizona, but money and circumstances didn’t pan out for me. However, to those who are attending, especially during your travels, I say, May the Force be with you!

According to today’s Star Wars newsletter, today Star Wars Celebration kicks off with J. J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy on the Celebration Stage, sponsored by Toy’s “R” Us (R).

Our very own Kaidlen Shan and Aurielle Stratus are in attendance this year! May they have joy and happiness in their experience, as I once did at the time I was lucky enough to attend Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida, with the two of them. The weather being not so great, I had the time of my life, and hope some day to be able to do it again. Tickets for this event are available still for all four days (though today is almost over) as well as for individual days on-site or online at

Scenario Updates

Just an update that the current open scenarios can be found as any not closed topic at

The current scenario I am personally focusing on is A Lawyer in the House (Wedding of Marc Stratus & Tavria Treyson) and will be devoting some time on the side to the Royal Gala(spoiler: we’re getting a new Supreme Chancellor).
Hope all is well. If you see an open scenario you want to get going again, just make a post/reply in that topic/scenario. Feel free to give me a hollar as well.
Have a great evening!
May the Force be with you!

Web Server Move & Website Encryption

The Era of the Imperial Republic website and Nexus are back online. – Now will full SSL protection/encryption. – Now with SSL protection at Login.
(Your login information is transmitted over an encrypted SSL connection. The rest of the Nexus is unencrypted so you will not see except if your browser shows you the redirect of logging in, which I personally doubt will happen since it happens so fast.)
E-mail for password or site issue or visit our partner help desk website to submit a ticket to the EOTIR Staff at