Web Server Move & Website Encryption

The Era of the Imperial Republic website and Nexus are back online.

https://www.eotir.com – Now will full SSL protection/encryption.
http://nexus.eotir.com – Now with SSL protection at Login.
(Your login information is transmitted over an encrypted SSL connection. The rest of the Nexus is unencrypted so you will not see https://nexus.eotir.com except if your browser shows you the redirect of logging in, which I personally doubt will happen since it happens so fast.)

Red vs. Blue

Dear friends,

I’m going to be starting a minor scenario soon, though I suppose it can be considered a Red Scenario, to go in our official timeline, however participation and actions will be opened up like unto that of a Blue Scenario.

I know most of the members of this community are older and wiser, have lives and little time for fun, or what time they have for fun they may no longer look toward the Era of the Imperial Republic.

However, that being said, I invite you all to participate at your own pleasure. Please try to finish what you start if you can and give me notice if you will be unable to finish something you started so we can finish it lightly for you.

Scenario Title: Like Unto the Romans

Summer Fun


Now that school is out for most folks for a short period of summer, its time once again to resume our scenarios and roleplay at the Nexus. Please contact me if you are interested in participating in an existing scenario or have an idea for a new scenario that you would like to begin. To those of you attending the Phoenix ComiCon, have fun, and be safe!

Year of the IR

I am pleased to announce that we have integrated code into the forums to display the current year of the IR. This does not mean that players can’t write a scenario in the past, however. This will simply allow users to know where current scenarios are on the current timeline. We are currently in our 35th Year of the Imperial Republic Era (35 IRY).

We are asking that all players post in their biographies/character profiles what year their character was born. A profile field will be added to the forum for this as well.

Special thanks goesĀ to our staff developer, Keshaun, for making this possible.